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Jaclyn Haugen enjoys the title of a jack-of-all-trades as her role can change daily from business owner, to creative director, to copywriter, to digital advertiser, to social media manager, to marketing strategist, and oh-yes graphic and website design. So how did this all come to be? After spending a decade working for a medium-sized company, Choice Wireless, and learning the ropes of marketing, she earned her position as Director of Marketing and specialized in social media and digital advertising. Choice Wireless was a subsidiary of ATNI and lent the opportunity for Jaclyn to get hands-on experience building a marketing department, leading teams, working with ad agencies, print vendors, merchandising, and in digital design.

What happened next was the classic case of “Is the grass greener on the other side?".  Jaclyn always wanted to explore corporate marketing so she landed a role as the General Manager of Marketing at DISH Network in Englewood, Colorado. She experienced much success with the company and was able to lead a team specializing in Customer Retention. Her team was responsible for making data-driven decisions for every dollar spent on mailers, emails, and websites designed to retain the existing customer base.​


From there, she decided to pursue her passion and focus solely on her existing marketing business that she opened in 2017 called DME, Digital Marketing Experts. Jaclyn now enjoys helping small business owners reach their marketing goals. Her business offers all traditional and digital marketing solutions at affordable rates.  Jaclyn holds a BA in political science from the University of Colorado and continues to study the latest trends in the marketing industry.

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