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Expand Your Services with DME

White-Label Digital Marketing Solutions

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Elevate Your Brand, Delight Your Clients

Welcome to an exclusive opportunity for marketers and print advertisers. At Digital Marketing Experts, we're thrilled to introduce our comprehensive White-Label Marketing Services. Designed for professionals like you, our offerings are tailored to empower your agency to provide top-tier digital marketing solutions, all under your own esteemed brand.

Why Choose White-Label Services?

In today’s dynamic market, expanding your service portfolio is key to staying ahead. With our white-label solutions, you're not just offering additional services; you're enhancing your brand's value and building deeper trust with your clients.


Set Your Own Pricing! Our transparent and competitive pricing gives you the freedom to set your rates with your clients while marketing all services under your brand! This flexibility ensures that you can deliver value to your clients while maintaining profitable margins for your business.

Our Pricing Structure:

  • Social Media Content (15 posts per month): $200

  • Website Build Out: Starts at $1,800

  • SEO for DME-built website: $120/m

  • Google Business Profile Update: $80

  • Monthly Business Email Newsletter: $100

  • Social Media Ads: $80 per ad setup

    • The client pays ad budget suggested between $60-$200/m depending on the industry

  • Google Ads

    • One-time set-up fee $500

    • If a landing page is needed +$300

    • $500 recurring maintenance fee

      • includes stats, optimizing, budget management, real-time monitoring, ad changes, meeting

    • The client pays Google budget suggested between $600-$1500/m depending on the industry.


Seamless Integration

We understand the importance of a smooth workflow. Our streamlined questionnaires are designed to gather all necessary information from your clients efficiently, making project initiation effortless and effective. The more we can collect and streamline on the front side, the smoother we can deliver a completed project at the end!



Website Wizardry: From conceptualization to launch, our website build-outs are crafted for impact and performance. We take the hassle out of building a new website with our easy-to-fill-out new website client questionnaire! Any client-facing tool or questionnaire we use can be branded for your company at no additional cost to you. Websites take an average of 3-5 weeks to complete depending on the clients' responsiveness to reviews and the unique website requirements. Our website build-outs are priced hundreds of dollars below other Colorado marketing agencies so there is plenty of room for profit when setting your price.


Google Ads


Google ads are the #1 digital way for your clients to drive leads and get new business! Maximize ROI with our targeted Google Ads campaigns, designed for conversion and visibility. We have an easy new client onboarding and that can get them live on Google in just 1-2 weeks! They will love our stats and dashboards so they can easily see how effective their Google ads are at driving new business.


Working with DME: Partner with Confidence

Join us at Digital Marketing Experts and experience the power of expansion, efficiency, and excellence. Our white-label services are more than just a solution; they are a stepping stone to new possibilities for your business.


Ready to Elevate Your Offerings? Contact us today to start your journey with Digital Marketing Experts, where your growth is our success.


Contact DME’s owner anytime via phone or email:

Jaclyn Haugen


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